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Files and Packages


For all Stoughton Fire Department record requests and administration questions, please see below.

Record Requests




21E (Environmental)

$25 per report

$25 per report

$50 per report

Ambulance Run Sheet / Bill Request

If you are an attorney requesting an ambulance run sheet and/or a bill.

Please send the request on attorney letterhead and include

  • Client name

  • Date

  • Address of incident

  • An affidavit signed by the patient authorizing the release of health information

  • A check made payable to the "Town of Stoughton" for a total of $50 (equals $25 per report)

Requests can be mailed to 1550 Central St, Stoughton MA 02072 or faxed at 781-341-3927. 

Records will be released in a timely manner.



Fire or Other Incident Report Requests

Please send your request to the Office Manager via email or fax.

Fee is $25 per report.


21E (Environmental)

Please fill out the below form.

Fee is $50 per report.

Make checks payable to the "Town of Stoughton".

Mail all payments to:

1550 Central St, Stoughton MA 02072

Immediate Abutter Address

Info Requested

How would you like this report to be issued to you?

Delivery Method

Thanks for submitting!

Michael Carroll

Fire Chief

Phone: 781-344-3170, ext. 9751

Jackson Macomber

Assistant Fire Chief

Email Assistant Chief Macomber

Phone: 781-344-3170, ext. 9753

Sara Blackader

Office Manager

Email Sara Blackader

Phone: 781-344-3170 ext. 9750

Additional Phone: Fax: 781-341-3927

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