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Lock Box

A lock box is a secure box near your front door that contains a key to your business or home. Only Stoughton Firefighters and EMS have access to the lock box.

Steps to obtain a lock box

Fill out the form below

  • Select the lock box that best fits your home

  • Fill out the form and send it along with a check to

EAS. Inc.,
PO BOX 1811 Kingston RI 02881

Once you receive your lock box

  • Secure it near the front door of your home.

  • Fill out the below form.

  • Once the form has been submitted, Captain Rush will contact you to come out and get the keys.

Thanks for submitting!

Lock Box

Michael Carroll

Fire Chief

Phone: 781-344-3170, ext. 9751

Jackson Macomber

Assistant Fire Chief

Email Assistant Chief Macomber

Phone: 781-344-3170, ext. 9753

Sara Blackader

Office Manager

Email Sara Blackader

Phone: 781-344-3170 ext. 9750

Additional Phone: Fax: 781-341-3927

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you help me install the lock box?

No, we will not install the lock box but we will help you find the best location.

2. Who has access to the keys?

Only SFD personel has access to your key.

3. Why should I get a lock box?

Having a lock box helps prevent the SFD from having to enter your home a different way, such as through a window or by breaking down a door.

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