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New Fire Station

400 Prospect Street
Stoughton Fire Station #1

Projected Finish Date: End of Summer 2024

Overall Benefits 

  • A new state-of-the-art, affordable fire station located in a prime response time area.

  • Optimization of Station 2.

  • A centralized headquarters, EOC, and public health headquarters downtown with public accessibility.

  • Utilization of a building that, if sold, would result in limited income and loss of control over downtown use – and the likely demolition of part of the landscape from the historic downtown area.

Working Group Members

Thomas J. Calter


Town Manager


Contact Thomas J. Calter

Phone: 781-341-1300

ext. 9211

Fran Bruttaniti


Procurement Officer

Email Fran Bruttaniti

Phone: 781-232-9364

Marc Tisdelle, P.E.


Director of Development Services / Town Engineer

Contact Marc Tisdelle

Phone: 781-341-1300

ext. 9263

Paul Giffune



Phone: 781-344-2112

Michael Carroll


Fire Chief

Contact Michael Carroll

Phone: 781-344-3170

ext. 9751

Craig A. Horsfall, P.E.


Assistant Town Engineer

Contact Craig A. Horsfall

Phone: 781-341-1300

ext. 9264

Jackson Macomber

Assistant Fire Chief

Email Assistant Chief Macomber

Phone: 781-344-3170

ext. 9753

Fire Station Groundbreaking

August 31, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The building of an operational-only fire station to house equipment and provide excellent response coverage to complement Station 2 (Central Street).

  • The restoration of Freeman Street to an Emergency Operations Center, Fire Headquarters, and Public Health building

  • Minor modifications to Central Street station so that a second ambulance can finally be placed there – and living quarters can accommodate the adequate number of firefighters with administration moving out

How is the borrowing paid for?

This is ultimately what the town approved by vote…. 35% of the borrowing will come annually from the Town’s municipal budget. The current budget proposed by the Select Board for 2023 already has that number built in. The remaining 65% would come from a debt exclusion that would be added to your tax bill (like the High School). 

Where is the proposed new Building? 

The new building is being built at 400 Prospect Street. This location was selected after an open bid process requesting people to sell properties to us as the Town did not own a large enough parcel in a location that provided optimal response times. Two owners bid. One owner bid a larger parcel and gave an option for a smaller parcel as well. The other owner (Prospect Street) bid the one property. There was a committee of staff including the Fire Chief and Town Engineer who reviewed the bids and recommended Prospect Street. While the larger property offered some options, it was $750,000 more. The smaller of those two carved out a portion of that which did not lay out in a way we could utilize. Additionally it was $250,000 more and, again, did not meet our needs. Thus Prospect Street was selected. 


Freeman Street would not have worked as a renovation as a fire station as the cost of that level of renovation would be extreme. Additionally, the location downtown is not ideal for equal coverage – and we simply have outgrown that spot. However, renovation of office space is much less expensive. We initially were looking to build one station that would house headquarters and serve for operations. The cost for that would have been higher as it would have involved new construction which was going to lead to about 4 million more...a larger parcel of land, etc. Instead, Freeman Street will house Fire administration as well as all fire public services like Fire permitting. Also, we will also provide a public health office which will allow for areas where we could do testing, vaccines, etc. in the future. Because this will serve primarily as an emergency operations center and public health facility, the funding for this portion of the project will come from Federal Grants – particularly related to the ARPA funding that resulted from the COVID pandemic. 

400 Prospect Street Progress Photos


New Fire Administration HQ
Town Emergency Operations Center

30 Freeman Street
Stoughton, MA

Projected Finish Date: End of Summer/Fall 2025

Progress: updates to come

Document Center

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  1. 3.20.2023 Fire Station Project Public Presentation Powerpoint (PPT)

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  7. Abutter List (PDF)

  8. Legal Ad Oct 27, 2022 (PDF)

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